The Buffalo Skinners

The Buffalo Skinners are a songwriting collective based in Sheffield.

Kieran Thorpe plays Fender Rhodes Keyboard, James Nicholls the Violin, Peter Seccombe the Guitar, Miles Stapleton the Drums and Robbie Thompson, Bass.

Drawing influence from Folk, Rock & Roll, Blues, Soul, and many other genres; The boys paint on a broad canvas. The focal point of the band however, always being a shared passion for songwriting, harmony, and the fun of a live performance.

The band began life as street performers, busking their way around the UK. Eight years on sees them having taken the energy and intensity of performing on the street, and put if firmly at the centre of their live show. Their performances are upbeat and life affirming without being one dimensional,

“Swapping instruments and vocalists, they play an energetic, winsome set exploring the full breadth of their ‘60’s rock, folk and blues influenced style. They seem to be having so much fun themselves that the audience can’t help but do the same”

– For Folk’s Sake.

Their catalogue of songs reflects all aspects of life. The songs are the soundtrack to a long and ongoing adventure, so it’s not surprising that the band deliver such a broad range of material so convincingly, and beautifully.

“There’s a maturity and complexity to the writing. Their songwriting clearly matters to them, their playing is watertight and they work together as a unit.” – R2 Magazine.