John Smith

John Smith is told almost every day that he has the most common name in the world. However,  other than the name, there is nothing commonplace about him. John has played to audiences all over the world, in living rooms, festival tents and sold-out concert halls. He tours relentlessly with a guitar and a suitcase, sometimes with a small band, always looking to communicate through a song and to share something intangible with those willing to listen.

It’s all for the love of the guitar. John plays a rumbling fingerstyle and sometimes uses a slide, sometimes plays the guitar on his lap, sometimes he detunes mid-song. His guitar work and honey-on-gravel vocals have brought crowds to pin-drop silence and rapturous applause.


Not by chance is it that John’s new record ‘Headlong’ comes bearing a title implying impulsive, breakneck motion – written as it was, during various touring stints in North America – with a view ahead, to new horizons and new songs, to new opportunities and new audiences. The album also bears the indelible loss of John’s friend and guitar hero John Renbourn, who called John “the future of folk music” and to whose memory ‘Headlong’ is dedicated.


“You’re smiling even as tears catch in your throat.” MOJO

“His most personal statement yet…a wonderful record.” Guitarist

“Far from the connotations his name brings, John Smith is one of a kind.” Wonderland

“Headlong impresses… testament to how powerful his music can be.” Uncut

“Refreshing openness and honesty.”  Total Guitar

“Smith’s work errs away from the common and plants itself firmly in the breath-taking realm….a phenomenal powerhouse performer…heavy as a stone and as light as a feather, it’s a versatile and heartfelt album where you can hear Smith’s passion and love for his art in every note.”